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Dieter van der Eyken

Discipline: Windsurf
Country: Belgium

Always crazy about getting in the water it didn’t take long before I wanted to learn windsurfing just like my dad.

I’m a 23 year old windsurfer from Belgium living just outside of Antwerp near the Dutch boarder. From since I’m just a few month’s old I had the luck to travel a lot with my parents to the sea during every holiday and weekend that was possible making the beach my play ground from before I could even walk! Always crazy about getting in the water it didn’t take long before I wanted to learn windsurfing just like my dad. Sadly enough at the age of 4 there wasn’t any gear suited for me to learn it on, making me have to wait till I was almost 7 before I could finally lift up the sail. Once this happend I spend every moment possible on the water windsurfing and was instantly hooked!

With the motivation to always try something new I already got into competition sailing at the age of 10, not to win but to LEARN as back than there wasn’t any youth catogary which left me with first round exite’s straight away.Together with friends from the same age we pushed ourself into the new discipline of Freestyle by sailing as much as possible to getter and learn new moves to show of to each other and ultimately compete against each other in the new founded youth category.

At the age of 17 I started with my first international Freestyle events with the Pro’s during my last year of secundaire school. Like this I became a full time pro windsurfer before I knew it catapulting myself into the best 10 sailors of the world in Freestyle! With the years my level grow and in 2015 I reached one of my highest aim’s getting my first Freestyle World title. Besides Freestyle I started competing in the Wave discipline as. Combining the 2 disciplines can be hard at times but brings me to many places most Freestylers don’t go! Also it gives me the motivation to spend more hours on the water as there is always good conditions for either one or the other discipline!

Besides competing I enjoy most the traveling with my van in Europe, having the freedom to go where ever you want without the hassle of carrying all your gear through different airports is for me the ultimate reward for being able to live this lifestyle. The only thing I have to do is check to forecast and decide where I go tomorrow making the wind decide my path! Let’s hope the wind in 2016 brings me to a lot of new places with many new adventures and friends!

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