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/   EPS Epoxy Sandwich System
/   Reinforced Standing Area
/   Multi-S Tension Technology
/   Tri-Foam Rack Technology
/   Future Fin System
/   Quad Fin Setup

/   DSO-Tech


4'10'' x 21 4/  5'' x 1 11/  16'' 29 liter

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Our glass fiber reinforced nylon slicer future fins are developed to be ultra-durable. The almost unbreakable maxi flex pattern in the fins provides enough thrust and stability when surfing, while still being flexible enough to absorb all energy from a crash. This way you can surf longer with one set of fins, and don’t need to worry about your fins when surfing or kiting a reef break at low tide.

Specially developed to ensure a durable and grippy surface. The soft surface spreads the force created by an impact, ensuring a longer lasting life.

(3 Fin rack tech.) A great way to increase our finbox strength without adding much weight. The three high density foam parts hold the finbox in place while distributing the sideways forces to the rest of the board.

Honeycomb Future fins. Stiff and light honeycomb surf fins with Future base

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