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Getting you out there, with as much fun as possible. That is our goal. And with that goal in mind we developed our lineup of twintip kiteboards. We develop all our boards to give you maximum performance. No matter if you want an easy ride, flexible board with ultimate comfort, or an stiffer, channeled boards with ultimate pop and control. In order to put this performance in every board we developed our Solid Chassis Technology. The less torsion flex in a board, the greater the performance can be extracted . Controlling torsion flex is often achieved through the use of carbon or Kevlar.
However, this adds weight to the board, which has a negative influence on the ideal performance we were seeking . In order to create a better torsion stiffness in our boards, without adding the additional weight of carbon or Kevlar stringers, we have adjusted the compound and structure of our sidewalls. We call it Solid Chassis Technology. The Solid Chassis is made of stretched fibers and molded in one piece, which gives the boards a uniquely stiffer torsion flex. Additionally, the Solid Chassis has a higher resistance against impacts, which makes it more durable than standard ABS sidewalls.

Freestyle/Freeride Series

High Performance Boards




132-40 / 136-41 / 140-42 / 144-43


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Freestyle Series

High Performance Boards

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Freeride Series

High Performance Boards


136-41 / 140-42

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