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Shaped by Peter Thommen


Thousands of boards shaped by his hands and hundreds of podiums using his boards, so one can safely call him the “World Champion of Shape”. Just don’t let titles mislead you: Peter’s designs are not exclusively for Pros. Windsurfers of all levels can enjoy the thrill of sailing a real Brunotti shaped by Peter Thommen. Swiss-born Peter Thommen started shaping and building boards in his backyard shed in 1979… First for himself and friends, but soon, under the label Streamline, for customers too. A frequent traveler, his talents were quickly recognized within the emerging windsurfing industry. Giving up his ‘regular’ job as a journalist, he followed the call to head the R&D shop of market leader HiFly on Lake Garda, Italy, in 1982. Three years later he joined up-and-coming F2. This collaboration lasted for 17 years and, without doubt, left a mark in windsurfing history: With no less than twelve consecutive Overall World Cup titles by Bjorn Dunkerbeck
and multiple world titles by other athletes like Jutta Muller, Karin Jaggi, Britt Dunkerbeck or Jason Polakow and Josh Stone, just to name a few, Thommen shapes ruled the professional windsurfing scene and some of his iconoclastic designs became some of the bestselling boards worldwide. Always at the pulse of the rider’s and the public’s demand, Peter’s involvement was also crucial in the launch of JP-Australia: Shaped and designed by Peter, the young brand’s first product range introduced a whole new level of quality and performance upon which the industry is still building today. Today, Peter’s desire to always offer the best possible board to each and every customer is yet again changing the course of the industry with the initiative to make highly personalized made-to-order boards available not only to a few professional sailors but to everyone. The company’s custom-made heritage makes Brunotti the obvious partner for Peter’s new and exciting endeavor.


By Peter Thommen











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