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The Crossover model of the BRUNOTTI Custom Master Series. Designed to perform in all conditions from flat water to wind swells to moderate surf. Based on a (very) fast rocker line, the Crossover offers quick acceleration and blistering speed. The modern wide and short outline in combination with a specific ‘ultra-thin’ rail design guarantees superior control and grip in all your turns. The bottom shape evolves from Vee in the tail to a ‘double-in-a-single’ concave up to the wide point and towards a concave paneled Vee in the front section providing a smooth and controlled ride. According to your sailing style the Crossover can be fitted either with three footstraps for a more upright body position and maneuver oriented sailing or with four straps, positioned further outboard and suitable for freeride sailing with bigger and more powerful sails…or both. The choice is yours. The Crossover is initially a single fin design, yet a thruster configuration is a possible and a good choice if you favor tighter turns and want to play around in the waves too. Again, the choice is yours.

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/   Double X Carbon Torsion Box
/   Double Sandwich Footpad Area
/   Double M6 Footstrap Fixation
/   Carbon Powerbox
/   K4 ‘Fang’ 30/  32/  34/  36

/   S-Glass
/   Carbon
/   Dyneema


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