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A model developed with and for the BRUNOTTI Squadra Freestylers – and you. Today’s freestyle moves call for a fast planning and extremely well balanced board to facilitate the sailor’s performances. ‘Neutral’ and ‘predictable’ were the key words guiding the design effort. You don’t want to get surprised by a rail catching, biting or the tail or the nose pearling when you swivel and spin your board around. Hence, the Freestyle features a fairly parallel outline throughout the mid-section, high apex rails from nose to tail and minimal Vee throughout the bottom. An only slightly domed deck throughout makes for comfortable platform well-matched for the typically upright body position that allows you to put – and keep – your center of gravity above the board. We choose to equip the Freestyle with a carbon Powerbox since it offers the most choices for your fin selection but it can be fitted with a carbon Slotbox 120 upon request, too.

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/   Double X Carbon Torsion Box
/   Double Sandwich Footpad Area
/   Double M6 Footstrap Fixation
/   Carbon Powerbox
/   K4 ‘Bubble’ 16/  18/  20

/   S-Glass
/   Carbon
/   Dyneema


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