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A well designed and thought true wetsuit should be comfortable, pleasant to wear, and not hold you back in your movement. Even in the hardest conditions, during the toughest moves. No matter if your surfing a wave, a wake, a windsurf sail, or a kite. In order to create something good we analyzed everything. A lot has changed over the last decade, new fabrics that can stretch over 100%, and new seam technologies that can keep you warmer than ever. Our average body form changes over time, making us longer. And there is more: the sports itself changed as well, new and different body movements, and different angles of attack. All
these changing parameters led to a need for a different fit. And this could only lead to one thing: throwing everything overboard, and completely start from scratch in order to developed a complete new fit for our wetsuits that fits perfectly to today’s technologies, body’s and actions. Based on the latest body measurement data and movement studies we came up with a completely new panel layout. We combined our Haloflex, Motion X Neoprene, and Flex Taping technologies with a fit that allows all old, and new school body movements. Making sure you have 100% freedom and 100% comfort, no matter which board you surf, or how cold the water is.

Jibe Series

Multi-Use Wetsuits

Jibe 4/3

Fullsuit Back-Zip

Xena Series

Quick Dry & Rashguard Collection

Xena 5/3

Fullsuit Front-Zip

Xena Series

High Performance Wetsuits

Xena 5/3

Fullsuit Back-Zip

Defence Series

Multi-use Wetsuits

Defence 5/3

Fullsuit Back-Zip

Defence 3/2

Longarm Shorty Back-Zip

Defence 2/2

Super Shorty Chest-Zip

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