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In order to keep you warm, even in the coldest conditions you can make a really thick glove or boot. The result will be warm, but you won’t be able to move! That is why we used our Motion-X Technology on almost all of our boots and gloves. It will keep you warm, but at the same time gives you all the freedom of movement you need. We even added extra movement in both our gloves and boots by pre-shaping them to their usage. This Pre-Shaped technology makes
sure these boots are as comfortable as possible, not restricting you in any way, no matter your movement. For our boots we also developed our Cleanlock technology. By making use of smart materials you won’t need Velcro on your boots any longer! The Cleanlock will make sure your boots stay secured around your foot. The cleanlock system isn’t adding any thickness on your boot, making it easy to get in and out of straps, and making it lighter at the same time.

Footwear Collection

High Performance Boots and Shoes

Bravery Boot 6MM

Reef Boot 5MM

Defence Boot 5MM

Hydro Split Toe Boot 3MM

Reef Shoe 3MM

Defence Shoe 3MM

Aqua Shoe

Gloves Collection

High Performance Gloves

Dry-Mitten Mesh Glove 6MM

Bravery Curved Mesh Glove 3MM

Dip-Tech Stitchless Glove 3MM

Mitten Open Palm Glove 3MM

Defence Glove 5mm

Defence Glove 3MM

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